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Charm City Integrative / Office Forms

Prior to getting any treatment or service at Charm City Integrative Health, all patients are required to fill out forms for each service. We have these forms printed in our office, and ask that you arrive a few minutes before your initial appointment to have time to complete them. If you would like to get a head start on your paperwork, please print these out and bring them with you. Please note that there are several medical conditions that prohibit someone from getting Cryotherapy and Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments. The contraindications for those services are clearly listed on the intakes. We will not allow people with those health conditions to use those therapies. Please click the link to the form of the service you are looking to receive:

Cryotherapy Intake and Consent

Acupuncture Intake and Consent

Massage Intake

Mild Hyperbaric Intake and Consent

Salt Therapy Intake and Consent

Animal Acupuncture Intake and Consent