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Ana Goldseker, CNC

Charm City Integrative / Ana Goldseker, CNC

Ana Goldseker, CNC is the owner of Mindful Nutrition and the Director of Nutrition of NAVA Health and Vitality. She has written a cookbook and book on nutrition. Ana believes the food is at the core of how one feels. When you eat in line with what your body needs, you will thrive. It is not about restriction or calorie counting, it is eating for hormonal balance, alkaline effect and overall wellness. Ana helps people figure out a food plan that is right for them.

Ana helps her clients to have access to the right foods and recipes to help them achieve their goals. She teaches how incorporate more whole foods into your diet and eliminate refined and highly processed food.

Having gone through her own health and weight issues early in her teens and learning how to heal herself, Ana decided to turn what she learned into her life’s work.

By using humor, and knowing that everything is just a choice, they take you step by step through making the transition, they are able to achieve measurable results.